Saturday, April 29, 2006

Skiing for the first time in 14 Years!

Spring Skiing at Squaw Valley at it's best! Jim had some lift tickets for Squaw so we loaded up the excursion and headed to Squaw Valley. This would be Phillip's second time Skiing and Sarah's third, but it would be a first for Zachary!
Jim and I hadn't skied in 14 years. Circumstances had prevented us from going before now.

The kids are hooked, they want to go again before the season ends at Squaw. They are supposed to be open through the end of May! It hardly seems possible to have snow that long.
We may have to get a little cabin somewhere close by to rest at. The next day we all got some sun and all of our muscles ached. I still tend to get stiff after sitting for an extended period of time. My son Phillip took this picture of us at the top of East Broadway, and easy run, if you look real hard you can see Lake Tahoe in the distance. We could see it real well but it was hard for the camera to pick it up.

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