Friday, December 29, 2006

{My Christmas Present}

Gotta love that hubby of mine! A 2007 Jasper Pearl Toyota Camry Hybrid! Oh my do I love this car and for those that know me the color is absolutly perfect! If you see me around town say Hi. I promise my next post will be a creative one, I have been playing with alchol inks today. I need to run the the hardware store to pick up some Alumionum Flashing Tape!Stay tuned!


Sue said...

WOW! Verrrrry Cool! I have a Toyota 4-Runner and LOVE it...Enjoy and drive safely! No Stampin' and Drivin' OK? LOL

Colleen & Phil said...

Wow - what a wonderful gift! ENJOY!

Dawn Mercedes said...

What a Christmas gift Lezlye! Aren't you the lucky girl!!

Pattyjo said...

What??? No one gets a gift like that! I'm jealous!
LOL awesome car!