Sunday, August 05, 2007

{Soot Stamping}

Wow, I like the way this turned out, but I am not sure how much I would do this only cause I don't want to burn my house down. I can give a word tutorial, but I don't have pictures of every step.

First get a candle, light it and glossy cardstock. Hold glossy cardstock close to the flame while looking underneathe, carefully move the paper around until the majority of it is covererd in black soot. Be acareful not to burn yourself or touch the soot it will leave fingerprints!

Second, take desired stamp and stamp onto sooted glossy cardstock. The image removes the soot and leaves the image behind.

Third . you will need to seal the cardstock now with a Krylon gloss spray. I tried the matt and it didn't look very good. Let dry,

Fourth, Once dry cut glossy cardstock to desired shape and design your card!

That's it.
P.S> the white cardstock is crimped at the top for texture, still think the card needs a little something.. If you are in my SU group don't look ..this is my card for our trade this month!

Enjoy! Until next time....

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Denise said...

Wow! I might have to try this!