Friday, July 29, 2011

Pay It forward

Pay It Forward

                                    Deanne posted from her blog: posted this wonderful "Pay It Forward" post on her blog I think it's a WONDERFUL idea."Pay It Forward" is the idea of blessing someone with a random act of kindness without expecting anything in return. It’s passing on a kindness, hoping that your recipients will do the same, and forming a never-ending chain of goodwill. But it isn’t only kindness, it is also a means to connect and share instead of just keeping it to ourselves."I promise to send an original creation to the first 5 people who leave a comment here. They must, in turn, post this on there blog, and send something they make to the first 5 people who comment on their status."Here's what you need to do:

1. Leave a comment on this post. 
I will send a handmade gift to the first 5 people who comment.
2. Create a post on your blog offering the same.
3. Send a handmade item to your first 5 people who comment.
4. It must be sent to your 5 people sometime in 2011
.Please do not sign up unless you are fully committed to making your 5 items!**If you are one of the first 5 people to leave a comment on this post, PLEASE email me your mailing PLEASE put "PAY IT FORWARD" in the subject line.Enjoy!

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kkcfortney4 said...

I dont have a blog so I can not participate in this but I do pay it forward every chance I get, I think that it is important to help another in anyway you can. I am no longer working but when I was on my oldest sons birthday (he is disabled and is really not into gifts) I would go to the grocery store on my way home and purchase the groceries of the person in front of me, sometimes it was only a few bucks but just the same it was my way of honoring Kyles birthday. I no longer work outside the home and money is tight but I still try and do some sort of act of kindness whenever the moment allows...this is a great post, I hope you have some takers on it...enjoy your week, smiles from Puyallup WA...Kim