Friday, March 08, 2013

My Taller Scrap Island I built from Ikea!

Finally I have a taller stand up scrap island! I constructed it from 3 IKEA expedit's and an IKEA kitchen counter top! This is the first photo I took.
Now it is more filled in!

Here a few more shots to see how I can access all sides now through. I used a combinations of baskets and clear tote boxes to store all of my supplies!

Have a great day! I need to take my computer into Apple so I  may be missing for a couple of days:( With any luck they can get it done in one day! There is never a good time to do this when you are a everyday blogger.

Have a great weekend!


Court said...

Looks AWESOME my friend!!!!

Regina Easter said...

hey you, i love how you did this.....awesome...i have been thinking about getting one of those rolling things..............hugs