Sunday, June 30, 2013

Attn my 830 Google reader friends....

This is it we are down to the wire.. If you still wish to see my posts you will need to change the method of getting my feeds. Hop on over to Bloglovin and join me won't you!

Quick be file from TBD

July 1st will be here soon...
Make your switch
from google reader to bloglovin. 
Here is the best information I could find.

If you missed the information about  Google announcing its upcoming axing of Google Reader on July 1, I wonder where you have been?? With Google Reader going, there won’t be much point for Google Friend Connect (as the only thing it really does is adding the newly subbed blog to the Blogger Dashboard & Google Reader) This is another step in Google’s ploy to force the world onto their shoddy Google+ service. Which I can’t figure out.

Let’s go with BlogLovin as a Google Friend Connect Replacement instead!
Why? Because! Because  they have an app for iOS (they are working on an Android app too) and because their interface, both web and mobile and mobile app is just sleek and clean and they are a really helpful bunch too. And the best thing is that their service is free too! AND you can import the blogs you’re following on Google Reader / GFC to Bloglovin!

Get Bloglovin for your Blog
(1) Sign up to Bloglovin with your email and (2) find the ‘claim blog‘ button. (3) Then enter your blog address (eg and (4) click on the result. (5) Then copy & paste the code that Bloglovin provide you with into a widget in the sidebar (not like it says in a post!) and voila, you’re verified that the blog you’re trying to claim is indeed yours.
(6) Click on ‘follow buttons’ on the very bottom of the page, (7) pick the one you want to display on your blog, click on it, (8) copy & paste the code into wherever you want it to be displayed, and you’re done!

Import the blogs you follow to
You can import the blogs that you follow on GFC / Google Reader directly with BlogLovin now. (1) Go to this page, (2) click on ‘Google Reader’, then on (3) ‘Import from Google Reader’, (4) grant Authentication and off you go!

Why I think Google Friend Connect will disappear
Here’s what happens when you click on ‘Join This Site’ on GFC. It automatically adds the blog’s address to Google Reader into a folder “Blogs I’m Following”. This is folder is then in turn synced to and from Blogger Dashboard to display these blogs. Of course this can also be done manually by added websites to your Google Reader or your Blogger Dashboard. It still syncs up to both.

This is what I think will happen:

 If Google Reader disappears, then there will be no blogs to be listed in the Blogger Dashboard as that is only set to sync the blogs from Google Reader and that can’t be changed to a different rss feed reader. This will make GFC void, useless, because while you could still click on ‘Join This Site’ you will not get anymore updates through Google Reader / Blogger Dashboard.

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